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Criminal Defense

Even a minor criminal charge can have serious consequences.  Convictions will appear on a background check for years, potentially preventing you from getting a job or even living where you want to live.  Some charges that seem "minor" can cause you permanently to lose your right to vote, to own a firearm, or to receive student aid, and if you have children, a conviction could affect child custody.  Even convictions for seemingly minor traffic offenses could cause you to lose your driver's license or your job.

Don't try to face charges alone.  Contact us to schedule a consultation.


If you've been arrested, don't wait to hire an attorney; a DUI / DWI charge requires fast action.  MVD can revoke your driver's license without further notice unless you demand a hearing within 10 days of your arrest.  A DUI / DWI conviction can result in jail time, an ignition interlock, fines, and other unpleasant consequences.  

You cannot afford to take chances with a DUI / DWI charge.  The right legal representation is a must. You need an attorney to investigate the State's accusations, to help you evaluate the evidence against you, to advise you about your rights, and to represent you before the courts.


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Controlled Substance

As with any other criminal charge, probable cause to file the charge is not the same as proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the person charged is guilty.  The right representation can spell the difference between an officer's suspicion about a "white crystalline powder" and a conviction.  

Don't try to face charges alone.  Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Violent Crimes

Serious charges can have serious consequences.  Even at the beginning of a case, a serious charge can result in pre-trial incarceration or expensive bonds.  

If you are, or your loved one is, facing such charges, you need the assistance of a skilled attorney.  Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

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